NEW for Spring!

We proudly will be offering Koi from Yoshikigoi of Poland. World Renowned Doitsu Koi Breeder!

Yos Aben has created quite a few new varieties of Doisu Koi and has been breeding Koi in Europe for over 20 years. His name is synonymous with the most famous breeders from Japan. Aben started his first Koi dealership and farm under the name A&C Koi 26 years ago.

Yoshikigoi is the 4th largest koi farm in the world. It has more than 148 acres and more than 158,000,000 gallons of water volume. The farm produces more than 12 Million fry a year. Yoshikigoi prides itself on breeding unique varieties and inventing new koi types that are taking the koi world by surprise. Yoshikigoi continues to break koi show records having won over 400 awards with most of them won in the last 5 years.

The first picture (Showa) is what put Yoshikigoi on the map around the world! This made people around the world, including Japan, realize high- quality Koi can be produced outside of Japan.

The farm has been SVC and KHV certified free for over 10 years. For this year we will be bringing in Nisai and Sansai of various qualities and varieties.

Limited dealers to supply Yoshikigoi in the US market.

Below are some examples of their high quality Koi:


 Any inquiries or questions regarding Yoshikigoi feel free to email us at

We will post all of the available Yoshikigoi that we have in stock on an upcoming blog!


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