Understanding Koi Varieties: Vol. 6

The last of the varieties:

Here are this weeks Koi varieties; these Koi also come in different hues and also Doitsu (Scaleless):

We also have included some varieties of Herinaga (butterfly) Koi.

Chagoi- Meaning tea-colored. This koi can range in color from pale olive-drab green or brown to copper or bronze and more recently, darker, subdued orange shades. Tends to be the most personable out of all the varieties.

Soragoi- Meaning a solid grey or silver color, combined with a subtle net pattern.

Ochiba Shigure- Meaning leaves on the water. This koi is a cross between Soragoi and Chagoi. The patterns resemble fall leaves floating on a pond.

Asagi-Meaning pale greenish-blue, spring onion color. This Koi is light blue above and usually red below.

Goshiki- Meaning five colors. This Koi is dark with red hi pattern (Kohaku) Hi pattern over reticulated (fishnet pattern) scales. The base color can range from nearly black to very pale, sky blue.

Shusui-  Meaning autumn green. This koi has no scales, except for a single line of large mirror scales dorsally, extending from head to tail. It is the scaleless version of the Asagi.

Aya Wakaba-Meaning colorful young leaf. This is a rare & beautiful variety. Some people call it Ki Shusui.


Nanashi- Meaning nameless samurai (swordsman). This koi is a newer variety.

Ginga- Meaning Milky Way, like stars in the galaxy. This Koi is a scaled version of a kikokuryu.

Kanoko- Meaning fawn- referring to the spots (red dot pattern) like a young deer has.

Kage- Meaning shadow; reticulated shadowing sumi (black dot pattern).

Hirenaga- Meaning long-fin or butterfly.


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