Understanding Koi Varieties: Vol. 4

Here are this weeks Koi varieties; these Koi also come in different hues and also Doitsu (Scaleless):

Bekko Koi- means single solid color of white, red or yellow with circular black pattern

Shiro Bekko  (Shiro means white Koi)

Aka Bekko  (Aka means a red Koi)

Ki Bekko  (Ki means yellow Koi)

Utsuri means Reflection. This Koi has a wraparound black pattern.

Hi Utsuri (Hi means a red Koi)

Ki Utsuri (Ki means a yellow Koi)

Shiro Utsuri (Shiro means a white Koi)

Kujaku- (Peacock or 5 Colored Koi. The Beni (Metallic Hi pattern) comes in copper, orange and red with the under laying pattern (Matsuba) being a net pattern. The under laying pattern tends to give off a green, grey, blue, purple, or black hue)

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