Koi Days!

Koi Days has been a great success so far this year. We have sold many fish! The customers were thrilled with the quality and variety of the Koi.

We wanted to thank the stores that hosted us for their hard work and support!

Below are some pictures of our Koi Day events at the following stores:

Gasper’s Garden Center- Richboro, PA


Fins, Feathers, Paws & Claws- Harleysville, PA

That Fish Place- Lancaster, PA


Our Koi Farm UPDATE

All of the spawning has been done for next years crop. We will have the following varieties next year:





Orenji Ogon

Yamabuki Ogon

Yamato Nishiki


Heisei Nisei


Kin Showa

Kin Ki Utsuri

~Straight Fin~

Doitsu Tancho

Doitsu Tancho Sanke

Doitsu Kohaku

Doitsu Sanke

Doitsu Showa

Orenji Ogon

Yamabuki Ogon


Ochiba Shigure


Yamato Nishiki

Heisei Nisei



Beni Kikokuryu

Ki Kikokuryu





Next Event – Pictures from spawning and culling


Spring Has SPRUNG!

Spring is here and we are getting ready. The Japanese Koi are looking great and are doing well! The Koi will be ready for sale in 2 weeks!

There are over 20 varieties in the Nisai mix. There are 7 varieties in the Nisai butterfly mix. Hi Utsuri, Benigoi, Sanke, Yamabuki Ogon, Hariwake, Doitsu Hariwake, Platinum Ogon, Shusui.

If you are looking for a certain variety don’t wait! Let us know ASAP

Below are some pictures of the Nisai: CLICK IMAGES TO ENLARGE




There are over 15 varieties in the Tosai mix. And a lot of doitsu type available.

Below are some pictures of the Tosai: CLICK IMAGES TO ENLARGE

Japanese Show Koi available. Limited variety and sizes. Here are some varieties that are available Tansho Showa, Tancho Sanke, Goshiki, Budo Koromo, Asagi, Kuhaku, Showa Butterfly, Kohaku, Kikosui, Doitsu Showa, Doitsu Sanke.

Email or call for information if interested: asilvano@yourpondfarm.com or larry@yourpondfarm.com 877-412-FARM (3276).

Below are some pictures of the Koi : CLICK IMAGES TO ENLARGE

We are now culling Tosai and Nisai at the farm. We will have full availability stock and they will be ready for sale on April 16th.

Here are pictures of the B Grade Nisai: CLICK IMAGES TO ENLARGE



Polish Koi arrives on April 18th!

1200 Tosai from Yoshikigoi is on it’s way to the US!

We have secured 1200 Tosai from Poland for the upcoming season! The mix contains over 15 varieties. The size is running approx. 4-6 inches. We also bought a few higher end Tosai, approx. 6-8 inches only in a few varieties. We purchased some Nisai and Sansai show Koi. All of these are for sale as soon as we are done quarantining them!

Below are a mix of scaled and Doitsu Tosai and we will have some pieces of high quality Tosai available as well:

Below are videos of high end Koi for sale :

If interested, please contact us at asilvano@yourpondfarm.com or larry@yourpondfarm.com!





Hawaii Aloha Koi Show Winners

We entered some of the fall harvest Koi into the 10th Annual ALOHA KOI SHOW.

Below are the pictures of the show winners:

Doitsu Showa- 16 Inches, Best In Size
Kujaku- 20 Inches, Irst Place
Showa Butterfly- 24 Inches, Best In Variety
Asagi- 28 Inches, 1rst Place
Budo Goromo- 24 Inches, Best In Variety
Goshiki- 16 Inches, 1st Place


Starting to pull Koi our of the mud ponds at the farm. Currently working on Neisai (2 year olds).

Below are more pictures to follow of culling and we are now selecting more Koi from Poland and will post pictures of the new Koi to purchase!


New Arrivals Coming from Japan

Spring 2017 is coming up fast and we are getting prepared!

We have hand selected Koi from two breeders that we haven’t bought from before. Below is what’s to come from Fukasawa Yorijo and Aokiya Yorijo. Aokiya we bought tosai (1 year olds) and from Fukasawa we brought nisai (2 year olds) and we also bought nisai from Marusaka.

Fukasawa nisai are running 10-14 inches. And are of higher quality Koi. Price should be around $250 (estimated, pendent upon the freight cost). Fukasawa nisai mix has the following varieties showa, sanke, tancho sanke, kujaku, doitsu hariwake, doitsu kujaku, ochiba shuigure, ai goromo, budo goromo, and doitsu platinum.

Marusaka nisai are running 10-14 inches as well. Prices estimated to be around $165. Marasaka nisai mix has the following varieties beni kikokuyu, kikukoryu, asagi, hariwake, kikasui, doitsu bekko, midorigoi, matsukawabake, and doitsu kujaku.

Any questions or interest in reserving please contact us at larry@yourpondfarm.com or asilvano@yourpondfarm.com.