Fall 2017 Culling


Above are a few pictures of the ponds that we are just about finished culling for the spring 2018 Season.

We have over thirty varieties of Koi in brood stock both straight finned and Hirenaga (butterflies). We spawn 15 females each spring and we rotate varieties each breeding season.  We do not breed every variety each year other than Hirenaga (butterflies) due to high demand.


Here are the varieties available this coming season:

Sanke                                     Ochiba Shigure                       Beni Kikokuryu

Doitsu Kohaku                       Soragoi                                    Ki Kikokuryu

Shiro Bekko                            Yamabuki Ogon                    Kikasui

Orenji Ogon                            Asagi                                       Tancho Kohaku

Doitsu Showa                         Shusui                                    Doitsu Hariwake

Hariwake                                 Kikokuryu                             Tancho Showa

Chagoi                                      Goshiki                                  Doitsu Yamabuki


Hirenaga (Butterflies)

Hariwake Ogon                Heisei Nisei                   Kikasui

Yamabuki Ogon                Kohaku

Orenji Ogon                       Yamatonihiki

Sanke                                 Showa


The pictures above are some of the Koi that we culled. They range in size and are also graded of (A, B &C) quality.

In two weeks we will have more pictures of the butterfly, straight fined and other varieties in Nisai and Sansai (2 and 3 year olds).

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