Hawaii Aloha Koi Show Winners

We entered some of the fall harvest Koi into the 10th Annual ALOHA KOI SHOW.

Below are the pictures of the show winners:

Doitsu Showa- 16 Inches, Best In Size
Kujaku- 20 Inches, Irst Place
Showa Butterfly- 24 Inches, Best In Variety
Asagi- 28 Inches, 1rst Place
Budo Goromo- 24 Inches, Best In Variety
Goshiki- 16 Inches, 1st Place


Starting to pull Koi our of the mud ponds at the farm. Currently working on Neisai (2 year olds).

Below are more pictures to follow of culling and we are now selecting more Koi from Poland and will post pictures of the new Koi to purchase!


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