New Arrivals Coming from Japan

Spring 2017 is coming up fast and we are getting prepared!

We have hand selected Koi from two breeders that we haven’t bought from before. Below is what’s to come from Fukasawa Yorijo and Aokiya Yorijo. Aokiya we bought tosai (1 year olds) and from Fukasawa we brought nisai (2 year olds) and we also bought nisai from Marusaka.

Fukasawa nisai are running 10-14 inches. And are of higher quality Koi. Price should be around $250 (estimated, pendent upon the freight cost). Fukasawa nisai mix has the following varieties showa, sanke, tancho sanke, kujaku, doitsu hariwake, doitsu kujaku, ochiba shuigure, ai goromo, budo goromo, and doitsu platinum.

Marusaka nisai are running 10-14 inches as well. Prices estimated to be around $165. Marasaka nisai mix has the following varieties beni kikokuyu, kikukoryu, asagi, hariwake, kikasui, doitsu bekko, midorigoi, matsukawabake, and doitsu kujaku.

Any questions or interest in reserving please contact us at or



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