Understanding Koi Varieties: Vol. 2

This weeks Koi variety is called Ogon which means a solid one color metallic Koi. They come in the following:

Yamabuki, Orenji, Purachina, Nezu, Mukashi,and Matsuba

All of these types can come in different hues of color (lighter or darker) . These also come in Gin Rin (diamond scaled) and also in Doisu (scaleless or leather skinned) . The Doisu version of Matsuba will have a scaled pattern of scales running down the back of the Koi. This scaled pattern is referred to as a ladder.

Yamabuki (Yellow)                            Mukashi (Dark Gold/Bronze/Silver)

Orenji (Orange)                                   Nezu (Silver Grey)

Purachina (Platinum)                       Matsuba Ogon (Net patterned)

Below are the pictures of these varieties:

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Other varieties in Metallic- Scaled and Doitsu:

Yamatonishiki                                        Kin Showa

Hariwake                                                  Kin Utsuri’s




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