Fall Harvest at our farm is complete!

Well, our fall harvest is finally over! Our farm is 80 acres. We have 15- 1/2 acre ponds and 5- 1 acre ponds  for grow outs, not including 4 brood stock ponds. Above are a few pictures of the ponds. Coming this Spring we will be installing five more ponds!

As for the buildings with holding tanks we have 4- 10,000 gallon tanks and 32- 500 gallon tanks each. Totaling 56,000 gallons of water!

We have over thirty varieties of Koi in brood stock both straight finned and Hirenaga (butterflies). We spawn 15 females each Spring and we rotate varieties each breeding season.  We do not breed every variety each year other then Hirenaga (butterflies) due to high demand.

Here are the varieties available this coming season:

Doitsu Sanke                             HeiSei Nisei                       Yamato Nishiki

Doitsu Kohaku                          BeniGoi                               Doitsu Yamabuki

Doitsu Shiro Bekko                 Yamabuki Ogon                Kikusi

Hi Utsuri                                    Matsuba                               Tancho Kohaku

Shiro Utsuri                              Shusui                                   Tancho Sanke

Hariwake                                   KarashiGoi                           Tancho Showa

Doitsu Hariwake                    Goshiki                                   Tancho Goshiki


Hirenaga (Butterflies)

Karasugoi                        Goshiki

Shusui                              Kohaku

Ogons                               Yamatonihiki



As for culling this fall, we had a lot of culling to do as you can see from all of the pictures! It is quite a lot of work. We cull the Koi into three grades:

A- High Quality (Show)

B- Select Quality

C- Standard Quality

Grade A Koi are grown out for five years. Each year they are brought into the building to be looked at, deparasited and culled. Then bottom quality are released for sale in the Spring.

Grade B & C are sold each Spring graded for size.

The pictures above are some of the Koi that we culled. They range in size and are also graded of (A, B &C) quality.

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