Fall Koi Harvest in Japan has Begun!

Below are the newly acquired Koi! These are all Sansi (3 yr old)!

October is the time to buy high quality Koi from Japan~ If you are looking for a special Koi we have you covered! Just let us know the variety and price range and we will send you a picture so you can see the fish and make your decision before you make the purchase.

We will be visiting the following breeders, just to name a few!:

Hiroi                            Suda                            Marudo

Isa                                Igarashi                     Marusaka

Yamazaki                  Otsuka                        Dainichi


  • Nisai (2 yr)
  • Sansai (3 yr)

12-28″ available


*Prices are subject to size and quality

Here are some pictures of some Koi that we purchased for other customers. As customers purchase we will post updated pictures!:



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